22 January 2007

Review # 7

Norwegian comix portal tegneserier.no has just reviewed my book.

Tor Arne Hegna presents a riveting analysis of my work, which for the sake of having something to myself, I refuse to comment on. Pulling away the curtain and explaining the mechanics is not really my job. Still, if you wish to delve into the mysteries of the norwegian language, I can think of no better place to start than here.

It's an interesting analysis and worthy read. A quote that my made my monday brighter:

Volle's comic is so unique in itself, he shows in this collection and the previous one that the concept stands the test of time, it should be obligatory in any representative comics collection and should also reach out to a bigger audience who likes to be amazed at how the world turns.

I'm starting to feel that the intense period of putting the book together was worth it.

I bow and tip my imaginary cartoonist hat in the general direction of tegneserier.no. I really appreciate the support.

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