24 July 2007

Constitutional monarchy, ist in de äär for youu and meee

I would like to give my wholehearted support to Astarte Education, which promises to teach us how to 'create miracles with the angels and your own power'.

For the cheap sum of 24.000 NOK per year.

The fun part is of course that this venture is co-run by Her Royal Highness Märtha Louise of Norway. Shit, the monarchists were right, this is way more entertaining than a republic.

Kids, this is what happens when you don't get out enough. Or live in a gated community.

Finally we have a Rasputin to call our own!

23 July 2007

Cultural Nugget from Suomi, mein Suomi.

22 July 2007


It's been little posting here lately, I'm again up to my eyeballs in deadlines.

On my desk:
  • A new Facts from the world book
  • Last illustrations to a finlandswedish schoolbook. Contributed over 50 illustrations for that one + doing the cover.
  • Layout for interview compilation due out on Söderströms.
  • A new comix-article. 1000 words by tomorrow.
  • A longer action-pastiche is in the works. Due for publication january next year.
  • The graphic novel I am doing with one of the best artists in the norwegian game
  • Mixing the Nazca album (Thanks to Tuomas for giving my Powerbook a boost)
  • 17 July 2007

    Libero reviews Free for All DVD

    (rough translation by Markus Norrena)

    Latest Libero (2/2007)
    Free for All

    I have some really bad experience of live-dvd:s. Even if the band is really good, usually the DVD:s are boring and with bad sound. Even with this bias, Nazca's Free for All is an exception. During the one hour I drank only 2cl whisky and smoked only one cigarette.

    Nazca's DVD is very captivating with it's visuals. The colours and shadows, and the videoprojections, create worlds which vary all the way to the moon.

    On this gig at the media center Lume, each song is an artwork of its own. It is very impressive, how successfully the atmosphere of the gig has been recorded through very professional editing-, camera- and soundwork.

    And the band is not shit either. This fenno-norwegian band surprises with it's original magicality and strong rock-sounds. Karstein's voice is strong and he uses it beautifully and wholeheartedly. Nazca is like a cake, where every ingredient is present in exactly the right amount.
    I think the receipt is secret, because through its music, Nazca both mystifies/confuses(?) and surprises the listener.

    Hanna Roisko

    We thank Ms. Roisko wholeheartedly and are pretty chuffed she liked the DVD. You can get it for yourself here, btw...

    16 July 2007

    Updated Flickr

    i was abducted by aliens 5, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

    Just bought an Epson perfection 4990. It's so damn sweet! Rock on over to Flickr to check out the old slides I've been scanning today.

    Can someone arrest this man?

    Guardian Unlimited reports that the Bush administration remains determined to strike Iran during the next 18 months.

    Considering the great success these guys had in Iraq, it looks like to me that the born-again fundamentalist chimp is aching towards bringing the Rapture closer and ensuring the return of the messiah.

    Or something equally batshit crazy.

    These madmen must be removed from power. A S A P.

    Guardian story

    13 July 2007

    Robert Burås R.I.P.

    Robert Burås ifra Madrugada er død. Pleide å støte borti ham via felles bekjente i hine håre (oslo seks-sjuognitti) og han var alltid en knallfyr.

    Hvil i fred, Robert. Forferdelig trist å høre dette.

    06 July 2007

    Weekend fun

    Provided by the merry jolly fellas of Swans.

    Cooking tips for the weekend

    05 July 2007


    (norwegian post, grab a dictionary or move on...)

    Cinemateket har nettopp sluppet sin sommerkatalog hvor de har bedt norske kulturfolk om å velge en film for visning på Filmens hus.
    Av grunner best kjent for dem selv, ba Cinemateket meg om å velge en film. Jeg ble selvfølgelig utrolig glad og stolt over å bli spurt, men så kom dilemmaet:
    Av ALLE filmer laget i verdenshistorien, hvilken vil du sette opp på Cinemateket?


    Først tenkte jeg at jeg skulle være skikkelig undercover og avsløre meg selv som en connoisseur av sær europeisk kunstfilm. Navn som Svankmajer, Tarkovski, Kusturica, Kaurismäki og Bill Viola dukket opp på lapper over hele kontoret.

    Jeg hengte rundt på filmsites og nileste wikipedia i jakten på den perfekte film. Som selvfølgelig ville sette meg selv i et bra lys.

    Så bestemte jeg meg for å drite i poseringa og nominere en av mine evige favoritter som jeg aldri har sett på kino.

    Ladies and gentlemen:

    Jeg velger....

    Dr. Strangelove!

    regi: Kubrick. Peter Sellers i tre roller.

    Kan det bli bedre?

    Såh, om du er i Oslo torsdag 23.August eller Fredag 24. August...

    litt før klokka sju

    stikk innom Filmens hus, Tancred-salen og se på: