20 May 2009

Personal politics - exhibition opening this weekend at Bukragalleria, Tampere

Karstein Volle and Petri Korhonen has pooled their talents and will exhibit photography and illustrations at Bukra galleria, Tampere.

Volle will exhibit cover artwork done for Into Kustannus and Korhonen will exhibit photos taken from over a decade of material.

More info:

Sneak peek:


12 May 2009

More stuff over at Suomenkuvalehti

I´ve been letting vollewelt high and dry for a while now, so I really urge you to go here.

They even made this cool looking graphic:

04 May 2009

Book and rose day

If you want to come and say hi, or check out my interview, stop by Book and Rose day tomorrow, 5th of May.

It´s in front of Kamppi Metro at Narinkkatori.
I´m on at 18:00 sharp and I will be signing books before and after the session.
Seeya there!