28 August 2006

Some videos

Still megabusy with the book. Complications happening all the time. Here's some of my favourite internet videos for your enjoyment.

10 August 2006

Book work

Been light blogging the last week. I'm entering the last stressed-out phase of putting together the new Facts-compilation.
The good news: It's gonna be great
The bad news: No time for blogging

Here's some pics of the new office though:

Russian gasmasks 4ever

Work area, half-done

Skylight, which may seem nice, until you try sitting under it on a hot sunny day. Ant under a magnifying glass-effect. I've covered up half of it with silver foil. When I get a taller ladder, I'll cover up the rest.
Yes, this is Finland, land of the sauna, but this is ridiculous.

Cheers to all the wonderfully talented and kind people which have been sending me guest entries to the book. It's not gonna be a good book. It's gonna be the best.

03 August 2006

Report from a bad day

I had a pretty bad day on tuesday. I wrote this in my phone:

Who hasn't felt like blowing up a bus every time your dinner gets burned,
every time there's a stone in your shoe?
Who hasn't felt like driving a truck full of explosives into a police station
because you missed a deadline, because your girlfriend has this time of the month?

If I feel bad, it's only fair that everybody else should feel as bad.

I'm not surprised that terrorism exists, what surprises me, is that their motives
are so pure.

I sent it off to Tanja, she called within five minutes and asked if I was alrite. I tried telling her I found that thing funny, it was meant as a nihilist joke. She didn't believe me. I still think it's funny, in a very twisted way, of course.

02 August 2006


Ho ho ho
Just saw Chaplin's 'Modern Times'. What a movie.

Our friend starts the show with getting a nervous breakdown and sabotaging the steel mill he's working at. He's taken to a mental hospital.

Upon release he manages to get arrested for communism. In prison, he gets high on cocaine and beats up four men. This makes him a hero and he is pardoned.

On his release, he finds poverty pretty bad and he's not too keen on working, so he does his best to get back into prison. That's when he hooks up with an underage streetgirl and finds motivation to work.

He tries working as a nightguard, but spend a bit too much time rollerskating and getting drunk. In the end, they finally succeed as bar entertainers (Charlie sings a saucy song in french/spanish and makes some lewd gestures), but the law puts a stop to it. They escape and skip town as fugitives. Roll credits.

Fun fact: Fascist exploitative steel mill tycoon is a spitting image of real life fascist exploitative car tycoon Henry Ford.

*sigh* They just don't make those anarchist movies like they used to...