23 October 2006


I dunno how many of you out there has read Raymon Quineau's "Variations", but a guy called Matt Madden has done a comic version of the same idea. Interesting. It could turn out pretty dry and academic, but really it's not.


Gigs and exhibitions

I'm doing a solo acoustic set this friday (27th) at Club Dubrovnik, downstairs of Korona bar. It's gonna be a short set, consisting of covers. I need Nazca to play Nazca songs.

Next tuesday (31st) I will be exhibiting paintings at Sound of Mu gallery space in Grünerløkka, Oslo. Vernissage is at 1900 hours, if you are in the neighbourhood, it would be lovely to see you.

And for those of you in Oslo, be sure to drop in at Maiden bar tomorrow and root for This Sect

21 October 2006

The Post Office

Sadly not the Bukowski book. For the last two weeks, I have received no mail. Earlier this week I was contacted by people wanting to know my current adress, since they were getting their mail back, saying I have moved. I was utterly confounded and decided to call my post office.

There it became clear that my mailman thought I had moved. He apparently didn't think my girlfriend had moved. I think I know why.

From time to time, we receive letters to the former tenants. We then tape the letter to the door with a note saying the person has moved. So my mailman got a bit mixed up about that.

To sum up: We still receive letters to the former tenants while my mail get sent back. Yay.

So, if you have sent me anything the last couple of weeks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE resend it and send the stamp-bill to:
Suomen Posti OY

(like the two places I was expecting answers about my grant-applications, f. ex...)


16 October 2006

Tusj story teaser

Just woke up from the first sleep I've had since saturday. Finished off a five page story for the new Tusj anthology which suddenly had to be finished. A pretty hardcore session, to say the least.

The story is a 1910-style pulp pastische with a norwegian scout song, a main character called Roger Hitler and some gore. I have often bemoaned the lack of violence in contemporary norwegian comix, but it's first here that I am able to contribute myself.

Here's a teaser from when things are heating up...

14 October 2006

...and a pic of Tanja as an encore!

Seems like the new Beta blogger won't let me post too many pics in one post, so here's one meant for the one below:

A snapshot of the lovely Ms. Kangas receiving divine knowledge.
Camera tossing fun

I am stupid and I do have a cheap digicamera. What do you think?

11 October 2006

Ted Rall is right

Go read.

10 October 2006

Camera tossing

Art for the brave, the stupid, the rich, the ones with cheap cameras or the ones with good insurance.

Check out some of the results here

06 October 2006

Collective traffic fun

I guess we've all had that one. You turn a corner and you see your bus leaving.
Now, that's pretty aggravating. You stand there for ten minutes cursing and spreading damnations on all you see.
This one will top ANY late-for-the-bus-story you got...


This wednesday I left the office early, which means around seven in the eve.
I had just gotten out in the yard, when I see a bus leaving the bus stop at the other side of the fence. Fuuuck.


I go out the gate and go to check when the next bus leaves. The next bus leaves in three minutes? Huh?
I wait. Two minutes after the bus shoulda been there I realise it musta been my bus after all which was early. These things happen.
I start walking towards the tramstop. I turn a corner, halfway up the hill, I look behind me and see my bus swoosh past.
Piss shit fuck hell


I turn around and see my tram go towards the stop. I start running and get there just in time to touch the tram as it leaves.


At this precise moment it starts raining.

I ain't got no umbrella.

Now I start laughing, this is too much.

Apparently I am supposed to walk to the metro. Well, it ain't raining too much.

I decide to turn negative into positive and do my evening shopping on the way. When i come out of the store it's really pissing down.

No way I can make it to the metro without getting soaked. I make a run for the nearest bus stop with a booth. The stop for the direct-home-bus is on the opposite corner, but there is no booth.
The one I'm waiting for will take me to the metro. I'm cold, I'm wet, I've just missed three different ways to get home. I'm standing and cursing for five minutes.
While standing there, I see my direct-home-bus stop at the other stop. No way I can make it over there. It's pissing down.


Hey wait. It stopped raining. I run over to the bus-direct-home-bus stop to see when my next bus is leaving. Ten minutes. Fuck. I turn around. The bus which woulda taken me to the metro is just leaving.

At this point I finally give up. I decide to walk to the metro, take the metro, walk home, get under the blankets and pretend that collective transport does not exist.

05 October 2006

Got a package yesterday...

03 October 2006


Just eagerly awaiting the proofs from Hungary now. If no trouble there, the presses will roll and sometime in the near future, the world will see a new Fakta fra Verden book.
Here's the cover.

So, what's in it?

Well, to start off, a foreword by none other than Jon Bing, law professor, norwegian sci-fi-pioneer and one of the few people you could actually stick the tired cliché 'living legend' on.

Then, to keep with the style of the series, follows 134 Facts from the World (the title amount is 125)

In the end, there is 12 guest facts from the cream of the crop of norwegian comix artists today.

Here's the list:

Knut Nærum
Tor Ærlig
Waldemar Hepstein
Roy Søbstad
Kim Holm
Håvard Holten
Sigbjørn Lilleeng
Lise Myhre
Øystein Runde
Knut Westad
Rune Borvik
Arild Midthun/Tormod Løkling
Torbjørn Lien

Release party is Friday the 10th of November at Spasibar. On stage: This Sect and Nazca.