21 October 2006

The Post Office

Sadly not the Bukowski book. For the last two weeks, I have received no mail. Earlier this week I was contacted by people wanting to know my current adress, since they were getting their mail back, saying I have moved. I was utterly confounded and decided to call my post office.

There it became clear that my mailman thought I had moved. He apparently didn't think my girlfriend had moved. I think I know why.

From time to time, we receive letters to the former tenants. We then tape the letter to the door with a note saying the person has moved. So my mailman got a bit mixed up about that.

To sum up: We still receive letters to the former tenants while my mail get sent back. Yay.

So, if you have sent me anything the last couple of weeks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE resend it and send the stamp-bill to:
Suomen Posti OY

(like the two places I was expecting answers about my grant-applications, f. ex...)


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