31 July 2008

Delia Darbyshire showing how sounds SHOULD be manipulated.

Been working on the Nazca record this week and found this pretty inspiring. Also show that anyone using computers or synthesizers are complete pussies compared to the BBC Radiophonic workshop.

For more on Delia, check out this classic piece of music which still sounds like the future, 45 years later.

The future was so much cooler before.

28 July 2008

Salam Pax appears and disappears

Salam Pax´s Baghdad blog was mandatory reading during the Iraq war and its aftermath. It ended four years ago with these words:

I think Hiatus is the word. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.

Then he reappeared a month ago, with a pretty great blog post about amusement parks in Baghdad. And then that site went bust.

I´m waiting with bated breath for any new posts from Salam.

If you live in Norway, buy the original The Baghdad Blog-book and not the hastily-put-together-let´s-milk-this-thing-dry-norwegian version with the outstandingly clunky title "Faens Bomber" ("damn bombs").

25 July 2008


Kyläytymisopas, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Legendary squat Annikinkatu in Tampere is getting the pamphlet treatment from Into Kustannus. This is the cover.

24 July 2008

Graphic design to die for

Just found this pic out on the glorious intarwebs. Yes, it´s real.

Fighter jets come out from behind giant old man in the sky. The giant old man gaze upon the fighter jets dreamily, while wondering why the colors have gone all fruity. And why the rest of his body is dissolving into thin air. He´s just a giant old head in the sky now. But he has teh wisdom ...OF FIGHTER JETS!

20 July 2008


Vi har evalueringsdag borte på I Fremtiden-bloggen. Ta en tur og si din mening!

18 July 2008


Here´s an investment tip while world finance is going down the toilet.
Put your cash where it makes a difference!

Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Kiva is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Go here for more.

The Washington Post tells us what the War on Terror really is about

Comfort capsules!

08 July 2008

Wacom drivers and Leopards in Europe

Just a little shout-out to anyone dealing with the same stuff I had lately.

Short story: The newest OSX update kills Wacom tablet drivers. Making your expensive tablet as handy a drawing tool as a couple of boxing gloves.

After being told by support that I had no problem whatsoever, since I had downloaded the newest driver update + installed it, I still somehow had problems.

After some googling, I found out that Wacom didn´t have the newest drivers on their european site. Quick fix: Go to their american site and download the driver from there.


07 July 2008

Moebius redux

[snipped from drawn.ca]

42 minutes on the great master. Music by Karl Bartos.

Description from Googlevideo:

French artist and author Jean Giraud is one of the most famous and influential comic strip illustrators and authors of all time. Achieving his greatest fame as Moebius – not so much a pseudonym as an alter ego – he revolutionized the world of comics. Moebius Redux takes extraordinary visual paths in documentary filmmaking and goes on a mind-bending tour of imagination past, present and future.