13 May 2008

Tom the Dancing Bug

For those of you who are not in the know, Ruben Bolling, of Tom the dancing bug fame has his own blog right here.

If you don´t know anything about Ruben, go here. Really. You are missing out.

And I assume that Ted Rall and Tom Tomorrow is common knowledge. In a perfect world, it should be.

11 May 2008

Facts from the World @ Electrocomics

For all of you who has been wondering what all this stuff about "Facts from the world" is all about, go here to find out.

Facts will be published in english every sunday starting from today.

And Electrocomics is maybe the most interesting place to be at the moment, take an hour to peek around.

09 May 2008

Gandhi Into pamphlet - draft 3

Observant eyes may have noticed something familiar with Into Kustannus´ first pamphlet "puolueiden kriisi".

I did the cover and I'm doing the covers for all the pamphlets in this series.

Into Kustannus is a new publisher dedicated to publishing political pamphlets on topics ranging from the new political dividing lines, Pacifism/Gandhi and Pentti Linkola. That´s just the first three of them.

To say I´m a proud contributor, would be an understatement.

05 May 2008

I Fremtiden blogg

I fremtiden har fått sin helt egen blogg, dere. Der blir det lagt ut en stripe per dag.
Gå hit for å få vite hvordan det vil bli!


03 May 2008

Through the habitrails

Just received my copy of Through the habitrails by Jeff Nicholson. I first noticed his stuff in early nineties indie horror anthology Taboo (the one where Lost Girls did its first run, r.i.p.). Just one of those "How come I haven't seen this guy's stuff all over the place?"-moments. Then I remembered my taste is pretty weird. Anyways, I tracked down a collection published 1994 on an indie called Bad Habit, California (?) it plunked down in my mailbox yesterday and god damn, this is good.

To quote Artbomb.net:

The guy in THROUGH THE HABITRAILS has a job that involves getting taps installed in the back of his neck so his ghoulish bosses can drain him of his juice. His main boss is apparently a gigantic, fat little bastard of a hamster wearing a crown. The job gets so bad that he fashions a jar around his head so he can remain pickled in beer all the time. He has to live with his coworkers, professional politics intermingling inescapably with the personal. These coworkers are egomaniacs, sycophants, drug burnouts, or hollow shells of humans living in cages. He dates some of them anyway.

My point is, track down this man, Jeff Nicholson, make sure he gets his due, elevate him to celebrity status and saturate the market with the products of his imagination.