28 August 2008

into - Paper II

into - Paper II, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Second cover for Into pamphlet on Finnish Paper industry´s effects on it´s surroundings.
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Nazca gig action this autumn

That´s right, when I´m not doing comix or graphic design, I play in a band.
The band´s name is Nazca, we have been making music for ten years now, released two longplayers, an EP and a DVD.
Anyways, this week things are starting to move in the Nazca camp. We have two gigs confirmed.

The first one will be in Tampere next month, we are extremely pleased to warm up for legendary New Model Army. This will happen at Klubi, Tampere, sat 27/9.

Then we will again play Dubrovnik and Kalma friday 17/10.

And maybe we´ll even get the record out this autumn?

Good things ahead.

20 August 2008

Berlin trip up on Flickr

S-Bahn, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Me n Tanja took off for five days of Schnauzer und Schnitzel. Rock on over to Flickr to check em out.

18 August 2008

Going through my pockets

Going through my pockets, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Afraid you find out far more than I want you to know about me

16 August 2008

Into - Direct democracy

Into - Direct democracy, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Another pamphlet from Into kustannus. This time about direct democracy.

14 August 2008

Skisse jeg fant under opprydning/sketch I found while cleaning

(For dere som ikke kan lese min forferdelige håndskrift:
Er det ikke morsomt hvordan skinheads banker opp folk som ser homo ut?)

(english translation: Isn´t it funny how skinheads beat up people who look gay?

13 August 2008

Happy Southpaw day!

Today is the day of the left-handed. Well, why not?
Finally a day I can celebrate, being part of this exclusive club.
Two hundred years ago, we were all whipped on the town square for writing with the Devil´s hand. They didn´t know how right they were....

This day is just the beginning! We will RIIISE!

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08 August 2008

A sudden epiphany

I suddenly realised what norwegian/scandinavian men´s clothing store Dressmann must sound like to english speakers. Made me laugh.

Please disregard previous kinda-bummed-out-post.

080808, 08:00 PM

080808, 08:00 PM

One glance at Aftenpostens front page:

-Possibly new great war in Kaukasus. Russia is bombing Georgia as we speak.

-Norwegian conservatives planning to sell off the country to corporations as soon they get into power.

-13 dead in trainwreck in Czech republic.

-12 dead in US bus accident.

-World won't but just might be swallowed by a black hole tomorrow.

Does this mean that 888 is the number of the beast?