30 June 2008

Get your war on

I just re-read the old Get your war on-strips while having a break from deadline-chasing.

Guess what? They are still hilarious.

Into pamphlet 3 - Pentti Linkola

The third Into pamphlet is on the street. Here´s the cover done by yours truly.
An image my mate Ville called "wonderfully morbid". That´s how it goes when Linkola is argumenting for ecology through genocide. It needs to be said and Linkola is the man to do it.

29 June 2008


Not only one of the best songs I´ve heard this year, but also the best video.

Helsinki eastern outback up on Flickr

30, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Wildlife, beasts n shotguns. Ride on to Flickr to take it all in.

28 June 2008

Truth stranger than fiction part XIV

Neatorama shows us the 10 strangest anti-terror patents filed.
This is for real and not taken from Facts from the world. Promise.


22 June 2008

Alt er relativt

Dagbladets rapport fra finsk St.Hans.

Finske YLEs rapport fra finsk St.Hans.


How bout some highlights from nine days in NYC?

-Munich Airport had a Fabriano outlet. I have never before been able to buy quality cotton cold pressed 300 g watercolor paper at an airport before. Thoroughly amazing to me and no one else.

-Flight from Munich with Lufthansa. Beer and sausage as inflight nourishment. Sehr gut.

-25th floor studio apartment in Jersey, balcony view to Manhattan skyline, rented by these guys. Hugely recommended. Cheap, friendly, practical and cosy.

-One of the first things I saw on street level Manhattan was a puking nun and a midget in a pinstripe suit.

-Good music almost everywhere. Normal coffeeplaces playing Dead Kennedys, Talking Heads and Joy Division. Never had so many "shh, they´re playing THAT song"-moments. Not that I actually shushed people, mind.

-Lady telling me to hide my camera better on the subway, ending with the zinger "I´m your mother".

-Heatwave making aircondition a condition for life.

-Picture box store. Good finds from Taylor McKimens and Matt Leine.

-Mocca. Meeting Keith Knight, Ruben Bolling, Ted Rall and dozens of others. Partying with Falk, Fiske, Holtestaul and Jason. Interesting to see the difference from european festivals. People are far more extrovert. Not sure if that´s always a good thing.
Recommended: Rat fever by Ian Harker. Good guy, good stuff.
Prints by Nik Moore.
Selfpublished, beautiful books by John Mejias
A dummy copy of Pushwagner´s Soft City

-Moma. Highlights:
Suprematist and early russian avantgarde
Ernst and Hilla Becher photos
Diane Arbus

-Feeling like I have entered a cult compound at the Apple store. Blankly smiling, identically dressed twentysomethings slipping words like "voltage independent" into the conversation like it´s the most natural thing in the world.

-Seeing Manhattan getting electrocuted in a fierce thunderstorm from a 25th floor Jersey balcony while drinking Urquell and going "woah" a lot.

-Desert Island Johnny Ryan signing, followed by the open studio afterparty, followed by the warehouse party following that again. Interesting watching a chick crowdsurfing a crowd counting about 50 people. Good band, lovely experience.

Have to get back...

12 June 2008

Freedom in the land of the free

Me n Lady Liberty 4 ever, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

10 June 2008

NYC @ Flickr

Big city, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

Been posting a bunch o photos from the NYC stay at Flickr. Rock on over there for sidewalk bunnies, ice cream beacons, fetish shops and MOCCA.

05 June 2008

Munich Airport blogging

Slept maybe four hours after being part of the festivities at FST´s summer party yesterday. We won FST´s Program price for Boktid! Amazing! Staffan, Petter & Anna has done such a beautiful job, it´s not hard to understand. A fun program about literature that doesn´t back away from depth. How often do you see that on TV?

Anyways, flight to New York City leaves in an hour. I´m excited.

03 June 2008


Just uploaded 15 pics from the comic adaptions I have made for FST (Finland´s national Swedishlanguage tv channel)´s program Boktid (Booktime).

To say it´s been a joy working with this material and together with the Boktid-team, would be an understatement.

Polishing off my last contribution for the spring now, we´ll be back with new programs during the autumn.

Click the pic to check it out.


Spent the weekend last week in Oslo and oh my, what a festival.

There was much rejoicing.

I leave you with this image that somehow ended up on Facebook.

(no, that is not perspectival distortion, that is Roy Søbstad´s giant hand helping me clean my ear)

I´m off to NYC and Mocca at the end of the week. Sweet.