27 January 2009

Dear Obama

Okay, you´ve had the job for a week now and have already pledged to close Guantanamo, lifted the gag rule on US aid, implemented stricter emissions regulations for auto makers, made numerous diplomatic initiatives to the muslim world, as well as pledged to negotiate directly with Iran.

You are making the rest of us look like lazy gits. Can you chill a bit?

22 January 2009

2008 in review

Inspired by brilliant guys like Mesq and Roy, here´s my year in review:


-Gokk, my hillbilly alien invasion miniseries hits Larsons Gale Verden.

-The exhibition I made at Serieteket autumn 2007 goes on tour.

-I write another comix article for Balder, the magazine for conscencious objectors.

-I go to Angouleme for the first time. Highlights: Angouleme city, Chat noir, meeting longtime hero Ben Katchor, drinking with Jason, meeting Guy Delisle, fantastic cuisine.


-Paris, highlights: Toy comix exhib,

-Start making comix for FST5´s program Boktid.

-Norwegian comix site Serienett gives Gokk a fine review.


-Boktid premieres on finnish tv-screens.

-Finish Gokk series. 5 episodes a 4 pages of Deliverance meets Night of the Living Dead meets Plan9 from Outer Space

-I go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-In the future returns to Aftenposten

-Illustrate book by Saliven Gustavsson


-Nazca turns 10 years. We put up for one day mixes from forthcoming album Out.

-I get to the Batu caves, Malaysia´s largest hindu shrine.

-I make In the Future strip 100

-Stockholm and SPX 08 Highlights: Meeting Ulli Lust, checking out Nou nou hau


-In the Future-blog is started. Tells the future six times a week in norwegian.

-Into Kustannus starts publishing their pamphlets, covers by yours truly.

-Electrocomics.com starts publishing Facts from the World every week.

-I make the jump from Schibsted to Egmont.

-Oslo Comics Expo. Highlight: Partying with the norwegian comix posse and Killoffer.


-NYC and MOCCA. Staying on the 25th floor Jersey penthouse with Marshtin and Stine. Watching Manhattan getting nuked while drinking Urquell beer.


-More covers for Into Kustannus.
-DT writes about in the Future.


-Spend a week with Tanja in Berlin at Mesq´s flat. Meet Ulli Lust and Kai Pfeiffer. Check out the Museum of Medical history. Chilling stuff.
-I turn 34.
-In the future ends it´s run in Aftenposten.


-Tour with New Model Army
-Make jingle for Söderströms publisher


-Play two gigs with Nazca.
-Metropolia zine workshop
-Helsinki Book Fair, we have a presentation with Arktinen Banaani, Boktid is on site and Into presents their stand with pamphlets all done by yours truly.
-Design banners for Vaasa University´s Hamsun anniversary celebration.

-In the Future is guest strip in Dagbladet.
-illustration work for Nyt Liite.
-Festival artist at the Hamsun festival, Vaasa

-Did the cover of NytLiite
-Illustration work
-Enjoying a new year bluegrass singalong with Ed Pettersen, Freddy and the Corazon-boys. Check out their new project The Black Country, btw.

04 January 2009

A little shout-out

I am, as most thinking people should be, absolutely horrified by the atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza. It´s easy to feel numb and powerless in these situations, but there is at least one thing you can do:

Give money to Medecins Sans Frontieres or The Red Cross.

I would also like to ask you to sign this petition from Avaaz.

02 January 2009

Happy 2009!

Sitting once again in Halden, starting to come back to life after a brilliant new years eve party. It´s been a great year, more busy than ever. I´ll return with a recap once I get my bearings and a stabile internet line.
But for now, to all of you, have the best 2009 ever!