22 January 2009

2008 in review

Inspired by brilliant guys like Mesq and Roy, here´s my year in review:


-Gokk, my hillbilly alien invasion miniseries hits Larsons Gale Verden.

-The exhibition I made at Serieteket autumn 2007 goes on tour.

-I write another comix article for Balder, the magazine for conscencious objectors.

-I go to Angouleme for the first time. Highlights: Angouleme city, Chat noir, meeting longtime hero Ben Katchor, drinking with Jason, meeting Guy Delisle, fantastic cuisine.


-Paris, highlights: Toy comix exhib,

-Start making comix for FST5´s program Boktid.

-Norwegian comix site Serienett gives Gokk a fine review.


-Boktid premieres on finnish tv-screens.

-Finish Gokk series. 5 episodes a 4 pages of Deliverance meets Night of the Living Dead meets Plan9 from Outer Space

-I go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-In the future returns to Aftenposten

-Illustrate book by Saliven Gustavsson


-Nazca turns 10 years. We put up for one day mixes from forthcoming album Out.

-I get to the Batu caves, Malaysia´s largest hindu shrine.

-I make In the Future strip 100

-Stockholm and SPX 08 Highlights: Meeting Ulli Lust, checking out Nou nou hau


-In the Future-blog is started. Tells the future six times a week in norwegian.

-Into Kustannus starts publishing their pamphlets, covers by yours truly.

-Electrocomics.com starts publishing Facts from the World every week.

-I make the jump from Schibsted to Egmont.

-Oslo Comics Expo. Highlight: Partying with the norwegian comix posse and Killoffer.


-NYC and MOCCA. Staying on the 25th floor Jersey penthouse with Marshtin and Stine. Watching Manhattan getting nuked while drinking Urquell beer.


-More covers for Into Kustannus.
-DT writes about in the Future.


-Spend a week with Tanja in Berlin at Mesq´s flat. Meet Ulli Lust and Kai Pfeiffer. Check out the Museum of Medical history. Chilling stuff.
-I turn 34.
-In the future ends it´s run in Aftenposten.


-Tour with New Model Army
-Make jingle for Söderströms publisher


-Play two gigs with Nazca.
-Metropolia zine workshop
-Helsinki Book Fair, we have a presentation with Arktinen Banaani, Boktid is on site and Into presents their stand with pamphlets all done by yours truly.
-Design banners for Vaasa University´s Hamsun anniversary celebration.

-In the Future is guest strip in Dagbladet.
-illustration work for Nyt Liite.
-Festival artist at the Hamsun festival, Vaasa

-Did the cover of NytLiite
-Illustration work
-Enjoying a new year bluegrass singalong with Ed Pettersen, Freddy and the Corazon-boys. Check out their new project The Black Country, btw.

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