29 April 2008

SPX 08

Came back yesterday from a fine weekend with Small Press Xpo at Serieteket in Stockholm.

Quick linkspread of personal highlights:

Ulli Lust
Nou nou hau
Marko Turunen
Kim Andersson

Take the time to click any of these links. You won't regret it.

Showed my stuff to people from Galago and Top Shelf. I can never make up my mind if I do more damage than good by actively pushing my material upon innocent publishers. Especially after two days of, ehum, immersion into underground culture.

Big thanks to Kalis and Mikko for putting me up + being great company.

22 April 2008

Portishead @ Portishead

35 minutes of musical goodness.

21 April 2008

I anledning jubileet har jeg postet 13 i Fremtiden-favoritter på Flickr-siden min.

Ta en titt og fortell meg hva du syns.

20 April 2008

Things my cat has told me

By Karstein and Oskari the cat

11 April 2008

Back in Helsinki

I left Kuala Lumpur airport seven hours before this happened.

12 hours flight in economy class (cramped, bumpy, but the inflight thingy was my friend until the very end) from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt, arrived 35 mins late, missed my connecting flight to Helsinki. Had to spend four hours in the grey speck of boredom that is Frankfurt International Airport. I've seen morgues with more joie de vivre.

Big kudos to the Finnair people for great inventiveness when mr. German security man told me I couldn't bring my sealed whiskey with me. It arrived in one piece.

Anyway, the Asia trip was a nice experiment in working while travelling. This is the output:

05 April 2008

Must be seen to be believed. If not in the flesh, then try the Flickr substitute.

03 April 2008


Tor er ikke bare hyggelig og dritflink til å lage tegneserier, han er også flink til å si bra ting i avisen.

Så deler av 90's Love song i fjor sommer og det jeg så gikk Ser du meg nå en høy gang. Og det er på ingen måte ment å rakke ned på den boka, for den var helt nydelig.

02 April 2008

Truth stranger than fiction

Sometimes reality jumps up and bites you. I did this Facts from the World strip about out-of-the-ordinary meatproducts. Four years roll by and this hits the market:


I'm not implying that the producers took my idea, I'm just flabbergasted that ANYONE could go to investors asking for funds to produce MEATWATER. Did they just get some financing guy drunk and got his signature?

But the website rocks, with pictures of runners, dancers and athletes, all somehow fueled by a nice lukewarm glass of Dirty Hot Dog.
Birthday download closed

You can't get birthday presents every day.
What was the download? Three rough mixes from nazca's "years in the making" third album "Out". For those who managed to snag it, I hope you liked it.

01 April 2008

Nazca 10 years

On thursday the 1st of April, 1998, Nazca played its first gig at Wanha Werneri, Oulu.
As a little birthday gift, go here.