08 November 2005

I know I'm late on the blog-bandwagon.

Up til now, I've been reading them, but I've never been tempted to start my own. The majority of blogs I've read have been a mix of self promoting and navel-gazing. And I'm pretty into both, so it's just been me trying to come to terms with that.

But then again, this is a pretty cool way of communicating with the outer world, telling people what I'm up to and what will happen next.

I've been curious on the blog-thing. Consider this an experiment.

Why english? I live in Finland, I wouldn't dream of excluding my friends who are not fluent in norwegian.

Current projects:

Comic adaption for a norwegian anthology, this is a very cool project, but I dare not speak too much about it yet, apart from that the script I received is excellent, surreal fun.

More Metro-episodes in the pipeline. Finished a three page episode for Egmont now. It's generally about the hilarious consequences of epidemics and the importance of communication. Next one will be about politics, but not in the way you would normally envision them.

The neverending saga of Fakta is still going strong every sunday in Dagbladet. Seems like Fakta will debut in swedish before too long. Word has it that other papers will pick it up too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
You can currently read Fakta regularily in norwegian here: Rocky, Balder and Dagsavisen.

Dagsavisen will stop running Fakta soon (or they might have stopped already) due to space constraints, I don't mind. It was wonderful to have it running, but the pages were ancient and I offered it to them for a symbolic fee, so it makes little difference. I wanted to give them back a bit of the support they gave me when I started out. All the best to them, I love their paper and I'm glad to have seen my stuff there.

Fakta will also appear in a school coursebook next spring, which I of course find hilarious.

Fakta appeared earlier this year in a trade mag about intellectual ownership and the legalese connected to that. Which is pretty confounding, but nice. And the editor is norwegian Sci-fi pioneer Jon Bing!

In Finland, you can read Fakta in Hufvudstadsbladet and Libero, swedish and finnish respectively.

One beautiful day I will finish the story of Igor. I promised it to an editor I very much look up to three years ago, but time is sparse and so is money. Three years, three pages. Argh. I'm no good without deadlines and he refused to give me one.

By the way, does anyone know how it is with adapting a book written in 1930, by an author who died in in 1968? Is it fair game for to adapt it or would we have to sign a contract in blood in order to do it?

We've been busy as hell rehearsing with our new drummer Pete and everything seems to be coming up flowers. Recording has been slow. This far only one song mixed, even if we must have recorded at least five different versions of every song by now. I just hope we can book a shitload of gigs this spring, because you really have to hear what we are working on. I'm really itching to get this out in some way, be it live or on CD. It's just that good.

We did actually play a semi-acoustic gig at a wedding two weeks ago, which was great fun.

Karsten Fullus book "Hvordan bli søkkrik" (How to get filthy rich) just came out, with a cover & illustrations by yours truly.

Other projects:
Very little, apart from making a huge collage on my toilet wall. It turned out pretty nice too. Been as usual fumbling with new versions of Nazcanet and Rivalskeleton, but I got a long way to go there.

What I'm listening to:
Talking Heads: 77
Angels of Light: How I loved you
Silver Mt.Zion: Horses in the Sky
Tuxedomoon: Half Mute /Scream With a View
Mother Goose: Obvious Works
Clockwork Orange OST