24 February 2009

Tuesday night soundart III

Where would we be without John Cage?

Most probably in the exact same place we are now, but slightly more bored.

4,33. Just listen to that.

22 February 2009

Sunday sketch

A portrait of my mate Kivi Larmola, Paris, spring 07

17 February 2009

Tuesday night soundart II

This time, Otto Luenig and Vladimir Ussachevsky performing early musique concrete, or Tape music, if you will. Delia Darbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop took this form of composing later to still unmatched standards.

Shoutout: Finn comix blogs!

I would really recommend you to take some time to explore the finn comix blogosphere.

This is a nice starting point.

If you want me to do the picking for you, I would recommend Olli´s and Mari´s blog.

If your finnish ain´t too good, don´t worry, they even translate their stuff now and then.

15 February 2009

Sunday sketch

sketchbook doodle, originally uploaded by Karstein Volle.

A doodle from my sketchbook with a discussion on how to become manly.

10 February 2009

Tuesday night soundart

This time:
Alvin Lucier´s classic I am sitting in a room.

07 February 2009

Fremtid med Flu og Karstein

Seriejam med Flu Hartberg en bedugget romjulskveld i Oslo

05 February 2009

Internet meme time

There´s a meme going around. It´s to write 25 little known things about yourself and tag 25 people. Thanks to Juri Nummelin and Reetta Laitinen, I can finally get this off my chest.

25 little known facts about me.

1. I have received two years of education in flute playing.
2. I once starred as a red blood vessel in the norwegian children´s film "The hunt for the kidneystone"
3. I have been a tour musician with Halden grungers the Cornflakes.
4. I have only hit one person except my brother and that happened in the sixth grade.
5. By verdict of Moss city court, all my paintings were worthless until I had finished my art education.
6. I have abused drugs in the name of art.
7. I have painted my student flat black.
8. I have never done civil service. I was supposed to start on december 99, but I moved to Helsinki and has since never heard anything.
9. I spent four months making the short film "i was abducted by aliens" only to have the master tape stolen just before final edit.
10. I have never been to Poland. Although one of my all time favourite bands is half polish.
11. I have painted angels on the ceiling of Drammen City theatre.
12. I am addicted to playing Solitaire.
13. My favourite comic artists when I was 10 was John Byrne, Hans Lindahl, Kari Leppänen, Frank Miller and Nestor Redondo.
14. The first instrument I really got into was the bass guitar.
15. I do most of my scripts on collective transport.
16. I have made a 30 minute opera in bullshit russian with a friend.
17. I had my appendix removed at 14.
18. My left eye is more short sighted than the right.
19. My favourite comic at 12 was Watchmen and "The Masked Cucumber" .
20. I still have a lot of love for The Phantom and Mandrake, in all their white male suprematist cheesy colonialist glory.
21. I own a vacuum cleaner robot.
22. I have ambivalent feelings towards my blog, my illustrations, my comics and my music.
23. I made with Tritone the demotape "Anton´s car", where each song title came from a button in Antons car, like "Rear demist" and "Emergency". The songs had nothing to do with neither cars nor Anton.
24. My first band was a synth duo called Dreamscape. My first proper band was called Yggdrasil FT.
25. A girl got her nose broken on our first Tritone gig. A swedish guy flipped.