05 February 2009

Internet meme time

There´s a meme going around. It´s to write 25 little known things about yourself and tag 25 people. Thanks to Juri Nummelin and Reetta Laitinen, I can finally get this off my chest.

25 little known facts about me.

1. I have received two years of education in flute playing.
2. I once starred as a red blood vessel in the norwegian children´s film "The hunt for the kidneystone"
3. I have been a tour musician with Halden grungers the Cornflakes.
4. I have only hit one person except my brother and that happened in the sixth grade.
5. By verdict of Moss city court, all my paintings were worthless until I had finished my art education.
6. I have abused drugs in the name of art.
7. I have painted my student flat black.
8. I have never done civil service. I was supposed to start on december 99, but I moved to Helsinki and has since never heard anything.
9. I spent four months making the short film "i was abducted by aliens" only to have the master tape stolen just before final edit.
10. I have never been to Poland. Although one of my all time favourite bands is half polish.
11. I have painted angels on the ceiling of Drammen City theatre.
12. I am addicted to playing Solitaire.
13. My favourite comic artists when I was 10 was John Byrne, Hans Lindahl, Kari Leppänen, Frank Miller and Nestor Redondo.
14. The first instrument I really got into was the bass guitar.
15. I do most of my scripts on collective transport.
16. I have made a 30 minute opera in bullshit russian with a friend.
17. I had my appendix removed at 14.
18. My left eye is more short sighted than the right.
19. My favourite comic at 12 was Watchmen and "The Masked Cucumber" .
20. I still have a lot of love for The Phantom and Mandrake, in all their white male suprematist cheesy colonialist glory.
21. I own a vacuum cleaner robot.
22. I have ambivalent feelings towards my blog, my illustrations, my comics and my music.
23. I made with Tritone the demotape "Anton´s car", where each song title came from a button in Antons car, like "Rear demist" and "Emergency". The songs had nothing to do with neither cars nor Anton.
24. My first band was a synth duo called Dreamscape. My first proper band was called Yggdrasil FT.
25. A girl got her nose broken on our first Tritone gig. A swedish guy flipped.


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