27 November 2007

I was a teenage Matthew Barney

Minus the good looks and the vaseline, o' course.

Found a bunch of photos from my final thesis installation at the Art academy in Oslo. It was a story installation called Infection.

Just scanned and cleaned up some contact copies. The photos were taken by Janis, the Sideshow Bob of photography, summer 99.

23 November 2007

Today is buy nothing day!

Yup, take a well-deserved break from shopping! Go on, you´re worth it! One day out of 365 should be easy eh?


20 November 2007

Restored Nosferatu

Masters of Cinema has just released a restored version of maybe the best vampire movie ever. Complete with correct colors, contrast and the original score.

Oh man.

18 November 2007


What´s in the bag? WHAT´S IN THE BAG??

15 November 2007

Tampere pics

From last friday's litte sojourn into Tampere and Vastavirta. Pics by either Kivi Larmola or Sanna Karvonen, on Pete's camera.

Go here.

10 November 2007


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who showed up at Vastavirta last night. We had a blast! Kudos to Ultranoir for setting the whole thing up.

07 November 2007


A guy has just gone berserk with a gun at a high school in Tuusula.

Too many idiots, too many guns. Too many idiots with guns. This pisses me off to no end.

My thoughts are with the afflicted.

Sorry, nothing smart to add. Not now.


Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet are right now featuring the killer´s Youtube video, except they are selling ads before and after it, together with "Rate this video at DagbladetTV". Talk about raking in the cash while the bodies are still warm. Talk about cold, numbnuts profiteering of a gruesome incident happening HERE.

Some respect, please??

What´s on the table?

Just finished artwork / AD work for Sanako educational software. Fun job! I´ll post a link here when anything is online.

Also delivering the first installment of Gokk today. It´s an action pastiche, pure homage to the brainrotting drivel that I read as a teenager. The stuff that was sure to make me a delinquent, pervert, etc.
If everything goes well, it will be published in Norwegian magazine Larsons Gale Verden at the start of next year.

Apart from that, book design / illustrations for Söderströms, a new strip concept and maybe even the welcome return of an old concept.

Not to mention the ole mixing of the Nazca record o course.

My plate is full, but the dish is delicious.

06 November 2007

Tampere this friday

Nazca are playing Vastavirta again this friday. The summer visit last year was not enough, this time we are bringing the whole orchestra.

Also on the bill, Ultranoir and Apples of Idun.

Tix: 4/5 €


Vastavirta website


This will be the last Nazca gig of 2007. We got a record to finish...

02 November 2007

Ironi i høy klasse

Vebjørn Selbekks magasin Magazinet kaller Kristopher
Schau sitt nye program "blasfemisk søppel-tv". Husker du Magazinets standpunkt rundt blasfemi så lenge det var snakk om muslimer? Det er derfor vi bør ta føringer om ytringsfrihet fra fundamentalister. De er så konsekvente.