07 November 2007


A guy has just gone berserk with a gun at a high school in Tuusula.

Too many idiots, too many guns. Too many idiots with guns. This pisses me off to no end.

My thoughts are with the afflicted.

Sorry, nothing smart to add. Not now.


Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet are right now featuring the killer´s Youtube video, except they are selling ads before and after it, together with "Rate this video at DagbladetTV". Talk about raking in the cash while the bodies are still warm. Talk about cold, numbnuts profiteering of a gruesome incident happening HERE.

Some respect, please??


Houseman said...

How do 18 year old kids get access to guns in the first place? Does Finland have very liberal weapon laws which allows almost anyone to purchase guns? A tragedy for everyone involved, but it shouldn't be a surprise when, as you put it, idiots have guns.

Anonymous said...

There is approx 2 million guns in Finland (of approx 5,5 million people).

Roughly it goes like this:

Most of them are for hunting. You just have to apply for a permission, belong to a hunting club and have passed a hunters tests (usually you have to have belonged to the club for years before this). Then you get a permission from the police, very strictly saying what kind a rifle / shotgun, you are then allowed to buy.

Then there is some handguns, mostly used for sports, shooting in a shooting clubs. When you are 18 you can apply for a permission for them, if you belong to a club and have a written OK from the club to back your application up.

The laws are strict, and even if the handguns were banned, there is no way in earth illegal trade of illegal firearms can be stopped anyway.

Most of the deaths here in Finland caused by guns involve only one person, the shooter him/herself.

Tragedy, it is.