28 September 2006

Hans Holbein
When I was a kid, we had a book with his paintings. I cut out his portrait of Thomas More and hid it, like treasure. If I would do the same today I woulda been a goddamn loonie.
Read the Guardian's article here
Check out the paintings here
John Pilger

This might be one of the best things I've read in weeks

26 September 2006


My friend Mika Meskanen sent me a picture he took from the office tupari I had last month. For you non-finns, tupari is like a housewarming party. For the record, we had a fantastic time.

This one I got from my friend Vesa Kataisto, which I'm seen talking to in the previous pic. It's from the comix fest. Fun was had by all. Yes, REAL FUN by ALL.

25 September 2006

Comix festival

Big thanks to the organisers behind Helsinki comics festival. We were treated like royalty. We had a great time, the gig was fun and the whole shebang was filmed. I was told that Warren Ellis thought Nazca sounded Norwegian, 'because of our surf guitars'. We take that to our hearts, even if we are not quite sure what he's talking about.

The next day I was moderating the alt.comix now panel. It was pretty interesting since nobody could hear each others on stage. I just asked broad questions to the invited artists and hoped they were able to take it from there. No chance to do follow-up questions, since I couldn't hear their answers and in most cases, they couldn't hear my questions. It musta been a nice spectacle to watch.

Also big hellos to Dongery, I have vague glimpses of insanely drunken conversations. (me being the insanely drunken part)I was given a nice button saying 'Bendik sucks', which I thought was hilarious. Nobody I showed it to got it, but they laughed politely with me and hoped the drunk man would go away.

On a sidenote, Bergen prodigy Kim Holm has published his guest-entry to my book on his website. Go see it and everything else that man produces.

22 September 2006

Kipsari gig tonight

A lot of water has passed under the bridge, a lot of leaves has fallen from the trees and other clichés that time has passed...

We are playing Kipsari again. We got invited by the Comics society of Finland and the opportunity was too good to turn down.

This is happening tonight. This is a free event. We are playing together with Finlands best punkrock band Kätyrit. Showtime around 2200 hours. This will be Nazca's last Helsinki concert this year, so be there or be...

...well, you know.

The reason why we are cutting down on gigs is as simple as if we ever want to finish off our new album, we have to stop gigging for a while, no matter how much we like it.

We will play one more gig in Oslo friday the 10th of November, but that's it. That gig will mark the release of my book and we will play together with the spastic fantastic demons of the Oslo underground This Sect.

So, either you are standing in front of us tonight or we'll see you in 2007, unless you are in Oslo, that is.

19 September 2006

Spam Bandnames

For all you rock kids out there, here's an idea.

Can't find obscure enough bandname? Walnut Walrus already taken? Use you mailbox!

Yes, purely by browsing the senders in your spam folder, a plethora of possible bandnames reveal themselves.

Here's some from MY spamfolder:

Abhorred (grindcore)
Different Keywords (math metal/acid jazz)
Can Try (AOR/Christian funk)
Kanri (estonian folkrock)
All groups (White power)
Weber (soul)
Mr. Salas (Dancehall/Reggae)
Abigail Madrid (Indie)

Just remember, when you are on the cover of NME, remember to tell them where you got your bandname.

18 September 2006

Back again

It's been some really good, busy weeks.

If you were tuning in to Radio Orakel this saturday and were fluent in norwegian, you would have been able to hear yours truly on the air, being a tipsy guest host at 'Stupet'. Thanks to Harald F. for making that possible.

Also, I got a new comic happening. Here's a teaser:

More about that one in january.

I got full up, one book cover for Söderströms, a four page story for Egmont/Tusj and the final polish on the book.

My deepest gratitude goes out towards Mikkel, for lending me workspace, my brother Jomar n his wife Berit, for lending me their sofa and various people during the week, lending me food, beer, their ear and their precious time.

12 September 2006


A big 'hi' and 'thanks' to everyone I met at Raptus. I had a whale of a time.

For readers fluent in norwegian, I would like to recommend Øystein Runde's 'Futen'. Runde is, by this week, also reigning norwegian champion in the somewhat obscure sport "cartoonist fight club". Anyway, read Futen, a fantastic mix of norwegian traditional folktales, bureaucracy and Corben-inspired ultraviolence.

A big thanks goes out to Håvard for being my gracious host and Tor for helping me out in a tough spot plus being one of the nicest travelling companion in the world.

06 September 2006

I'm off to Oslo today, gonna get me a pint or two before heading off to Bergen and the Raptus festival starting friday. I think it might be fun.

02 September 2006

Me and my big mouth...

I've been meaning to post something on this for a while, but stuff has been coming in the way all the time...

I recently did a hatchet job on Norwegian band the Murder Mystery. It was completely unfair, written in 30 seconds and I should have thought better than publishing it.

All apologies. You didn't deserve my cruel words.