25 September 2006

Comix festival

Big thanks to the organisers behind Helsinki comics festival. We were treated like royalty. We had a great time, the gig was fun and the whole shebang was filmed. I was told that Warren Ellis thought Nazca sounded Norwegian, 'because of our surf guitars'. We take that to our hearts, even if we are not quite sure what he's talking about.

The next day I was moderating the alt.comix now panel. It was pretty interesting since nobody could hear each others on stage. I just asked broad questions to the invited artists and hoped they were able to take it from there. No chance to do follow-up questions, since I couldn't hear their answers and in most cases, they couldn't hear my questions. It musta been a nice spectacle to watch.

Also big hellos to Dongery, I have vague glimpses of insanely drunken conversations. (me being the insanely drunken part)I was given a nice button saying 'Bendik sucks', which I thought was hilarious. Nobody I showed it to got it, but they laughed politely with me and hoped the drunk man would go away.

On a sidenote, Bergen prodigy Kim Holm has published his guest-entry to my book on his website. Go see it and everything else that man produces.

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Professor Gruntsplatter said...

Greetings - thanks for checking out the show. I actually got a comment on "Antiseptic" from a listener this morning. Hope you are doing good, it was good to see you poke your head up. Take Care...