22 September 2006

Kipsari gig tonight

A lot of water has passed under the bridge, a lot of leaves has fallen from the trees and other clichés that time has passed...

We are playing Kipsari again. We got invited by the Comics society of Finland and the opportunity was too good to turn down.

This is happening tonight. This is a free event. We are playing together with Finlands best punkrock band Kätyrit. Showtime around 2200 hours. This will be Nazca's last Helsinki concert this year, so be there or be...

...well, you know.

The reason why we are cutting down on gigs is as simple as if we ever want to finish off our new album, we have to stop gigging for a while, no matter how much we like it.

We will play one more gig in Oslo friday the 10th of November, but that's it. That gig will mark the release of my book and we will play together with the spastic fantastic demons of the Oslo underground This Sect.

So, either you are standing in front of us tonight or we'll see you in 2007, unless you are in Oslo, that is.

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