27 April 2006

If I would have a time machine

...I would just abuse the thing to please my inner music maniac.

I would...

Go to the UFO club in 66 to check out Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd
Go to The Boarding house in 1972 to check out the Residents' first gig.
Go to the Paradiso in 79 to check out Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and Cabaret Voltaire
Go to the Fab Mab in 80 to check out Dead Kennedys, Snakefinger and Tuxedomoon. From there, I would go to London to see This Heat.
Go to Chicago in 86 to see Big Black. I would then seek out the next Butthole Surfers gig.
This might go on for a while, but you get the idea.
What would you do?