21 September 2009


I´ve had some well-needed rest and I´m starting to get into the swing of things again.

Been doing a bit of tweaking to Vollewelt too. If you look to your right, you´ll see a Google calendar over public appearances I´ll do this autumn. Also, there´s a Twitter-feed, a shop and the RSS-feed from the blog I keep over at Suomen Kuvalehti. Pretty nifty.

I´ve been sketching, writing, mixing music and eating monster painkillers due to a wisdom tooth removed. Losing wisdom hurts.

And hey, look what I found in the archives!
Nazca live at Nosturi in 2000. A song we never bothered to put on Non Grata, even. Just for you.

And as always, there´s the Suomen Kuvalehti-blog. Check it out.