25 March 2009

Balder i bloggform

Balder - Bladet for sivilarbeidere har i skrivende stund starta en blogg. Balder har vært hjem for Fakta fra Verden siden 2003 og huser for tiden ymse som Sivile serier og I Fremtiden.
Med andre ord, sjekk det ut.

22 March 2009

Sunday sketch

A facts from the World idea sketch, which I never did, because I was already featuring to many Idols jokes at the time. I guess by now it´s an anachronism. I sure hope so.

It´s about ordinary people jumping the Idols bandwagon and pandering for SMS-votes, so they won´t get expelled from society.

17 March 2009

No future

Og der var det slutt for denne gang med I Fremtiden. Takk til alle lesere og støttespillere som har vært med på veien.
Vi skal nok ikke se bort i fra at det kommer mer, men for nå har Fremtiden en pause. Nyt arkivet.
Takk for nå.

So much much music, so little time

With the wealth of music available now, I realise I will always be a latecomer to great bands. Just check out this clip, it´s AWESOME!

Here´s another band which recently blew my mind, thanks to the miracle of Spotify:

15 March 2009

Sunday sketch

Sketch for a panel in an episode of Metro. I drew this one at Tor Ærlig´s house. It´s a train conductor who flips and start stripping.

12 March 2009


Not much happening on the blog the last coupla weeks, apart from soundart n sketches. Thing is, I been busy putting the finnish Facts from the World-book together, plus TV-season has started again, so new comix for Boktid are due. Add to that the nice people of Fjord asked me to do a little thing for them.

So, the Facts-book might be the nicest one yet. 100 facts, culled from over six years of production. Also featuring a smashing intro-text from the one and only mr. Ville Hänninen.

The book will be out on publisher Arktinen Banaani. We are aiming for a release date at friday the 17th of April, so mark that day off in your calendars. Exact times and venues are still to be confirmed, but I heard a rumor that something might happen sometime at the Norwegian embassy...

Apart from that, I just handed over a four panel version of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn´s "A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch" , it will be aired on FST5 the 31st this month. It´s a goodie, if I may say so myself.

Last but not least, Do check out this week´s edition of NYTliite, it features artwork from yours truly.

08 March 2009

Sunday sketch

Sketch for a forthcoming collaborative project.

03 March 2009

Tuesday night soundart IV

Leon Theremin, the inventor of the first Theremin AKA the first electronic instrument EVER, takes his invention for a spin.

01 March 2009

Sunday sketch

Polio skeleton at the Berlin Museum of Medical History, summer 08