12 March 2009


Not much happening on the blog the last coupla weeks, apart from soundart n sketches. Thing is, I been busy putting the finnish Facts from the World-book together, plus TV-season has started again, so new comix for Boktid are due. Add to that the nice people of Fjord asked me to do a little thing for them.

So, the Facts-book might be the nicest one yet. 100 facts, culled from over six years of production. Also featuring a smashing intro-text from the one and only mr. Ville Hänninen.

The book will be out on publisher Arktinen Banaani. We are aiming for a release date at friday the 17th of April, so mark that day off in your calendars. Exact times and venues are still to be confirmed, but I heard a rumor that something might happen sometime at the Norwegian embassy...

Apart from that, I just handed over a four panel version of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn´s "A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch" , it will be aired on FST5 the 31st this month. It´s a goodie, if I may say so myself.

Last but not least, Do check out this week´s edition of NYTliite, it features artwork from yours truly.

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