03 May 2008

Through the habitrails

Just received my copy of Through the habitrails by Jeff Nicholson. I first noticed his stuff in early nineties indie horror anthology Taboo (the one where Lost Girls did its first run, r.i.p.). Just one of those "How come I haven't seen this guy's stuff all over the place?"-moments. Then I remembered my taste is pretty weird. Anyways, I tracked down a collection published 1994 on an indie called Bad Habit, California (?) it plunked down in my mailbox yesterday and god damn, this is good.

To quote Artbomb.net:

The guy in THROUGH THE HABITRAILS has a job that involves getting taps installed in the back of his neck so his ghoulish bosses can drain him of his juice. His main boss is apparently a gigantic, fat little bastard of a hamster wearing a crown. The job gets so bad that he fashions a jar around his head so he can remain pickled in beer all the time. He has to live with his coworkers, professional politics intermingling inescapably with the personal. These coworkers are egomaniacs, sycophants, drug burnouts, or hollow shells of humans living in cages. He dates some of them anyway.

My point is, track down this man, Jeff Nicholson, make sure he gets his due, elevate him to celebrity status and saturate the market with the products of his imagination.



Matt D said...

I will be posting a blog on Through the Habitrails next week at Exquisite Things. Please take a look at the blog if you get a moment.

Great to see people are still discovering his work. Habitrails is genius!

volle said...

Hi Matt,
Great blog, consider it bookmarked.

Also happened to browse through your music in your profile. GYBE, Circle and Swans is never wrong.
Good stuff!