03 October 2006


Just eagerly awaiting the proofs from Hungary now. If no trouble there, the presses will roll and sometime in the near future, the world will see a new Fakta fra Verden book.
Here's the cover.

So, what's in it?

Well, to start off, a foreword by none other than Jon Bing, law professor, norwegian sci-fi-pioneer and one of the few people you could actually stick the tired cliché 'living legend' on.

Then, to keep with the style of the series, follows 134 Facts from the World (the title amount is 125)

In the end, there is 12 guest facts from the cream of the crop of norwegian comix artists today.

Here's the list:

Knut Nærum
Tor Ærlig
Waldemar Hepstein
Roy Søbstad
Kim Holm
Håvard Holten
Sigbjørn Lilleeng
Lise Myhre
Øystein Runde
Knut Westad
Rune Borvik
Arild Midthun/Tormod Løkling
Torbjørn Lien

Release party is Friday the 10th of November at Spasibar. On stage: This Sect and Nazca.

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