03 August 2006

Report from a bad day

I had a pretty bad day on tuesday. I wrote this in my phone:

Who hasn't felt like blowing up a bus every time your dinner gets burned,
every time there's a stone in your shoe?
Who hasn't felt like driving a truck full of explosives into a police station
because you missed a deadline, because your girlfriend has this time of the month?

If I feel bad, it's only fair that everybody else should feel as bad.

I'm not surprised that terrorism exists, what surprises me, is that their motives
are so pure.

I sent it off to Tanja, she called within five minutes and asked if I was alrite. I tried telling her I found that thing funny, it was meant as a nihilist joke. She didn't believe me. I still think it's funny, in a very twisted way, of course.

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