10 August 2006

Book work

Been light blogging the last week. I'm entering the last stressed-out phase of putting together the new Facts-compilation.
The good news: It's gonna be great
The bad news: No time for blogging

Here's some pics of the new office though:

Russian gasmasks 4ever

Work area, half-done

Skylight, which may seem nice, until you try sitting under it on a hot sunny day. Ant under a magnifying glass-effect. I've covered up half of it with silver foil. When I get a taller ladder, I'll cover up the rest.
Yes, this is Finland, land of the sauna, but this is ridiculous.

Cheers to all the wonderfully talented and kind people which have been sending me guest entries to the book. It's not gonna be a good book. It's gonna be the best.

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