17 July 2007

Libero reviews Free for All DVD

(rough translation by Markus Norrena)

Latest Libero (2/2007)
Free for All

I have some really bad experience of live-dvd:s. Even if the band is really good, usually the DVD:s are boring and with bad sound. Even with this bias, Nazca's Free for All is an exception. During the one hour I drank only 2cl whisky and smoked only one cigarette.

Nazca's DVD is very captivating with it's visuals. The colours and shadows, and the videoprojections, create worlds which vary all the way to the moon.

On this gig at the media center Lume, each song is an artwork of its own. It is very impressive, how successfully the atmosphere of the gig has been recorded through very professional editing-, camera- and soundwork.

And the band is not shit either. This fenno-norwegian band surprises with it's original magicality and strong rock-sounds. Karstein's voice is strong and he uses it beautifully and wholeheartedly. Nazca is like a cake, where every ingredient is present in exactly the right amount.
I think the receipt is secret, because through its music, Nazca both mystifies/confuses(?) and surprises the listener.

Hanna Roisko

We thank Ms. Roisko wholeheartedly and are pretty chuffed she liked the DVD. You can get it for yourself here, btw...

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