24 July 2007

Constitutional monarchy, ist in de äär for youu and meee

I would like to give my wholehearted support to Astarte Education, which promises to teach us how to 'create miracles with the angels and your own power'.

For the cheap sum of 24.000 NOK per year.

The fun part is of course that this venture is co-run by Her Royal Highness Märtha Louise of Norway. Shit, the monarchists were right, this is way more entertaining than a republic.

Kids, this is what happens when you don't get out enough. Or live in a gated community.

Finally we have a Rasputin to call our own!


mental traveller said...

You look like a talented artist. Where do you think your inspiration comes from? What's wrong with believing in angels .. even if YOU'VE never seen one. Besides, what's your suggestion for helping humanity out of the primordial slime?

volle said...

Heee hee heee!
Thanks for sharing, 'Mental traveller'!

mental traveller said...

Is that it? "Heee hee heee"? How primordially slimy! If you had something creative to say your blog might not be so lonely. Hope you see an angel real soon!

volle said...

Mental, I got no idea if I should take that as a threat or a blessing, but okay, my first response was a bit flippant. Sorry if you got upset.

I don't think that there is anything inherently wrong in believing in angels, but charging people the equivalent of 4,675.68 australian $ a year for teaching them to communicate with angels is not about freedom of religion, it's about conning gullible saps out of their hard-earned cash. That a member of the norwegian royal family is involved, makes the whole thing even more absurd.

My suggestion for 'helping humanity out of the primordial slime' would be to donate to charity, joining the peace movement, help little old ladies across the street, be kind to your neighbour and so forth. Every little bit helps. More than wasting time and money trying to communicate telepathically with horses.

And Mental, I don't mind that my blog is so 'lonely'. It's mainly here for mine and my friends personal amusement. I have no aspiration to become a celebrity blogger.

mental traveller said...

Come on Volle, less than $A5000 .. that's really quite cheap for a year's tuition of any kind. You could easily pay that much for a fancy I.T. course lasting a week. And if you chose to read the artcile properly, the course was NOT about communicating telepathically with horses. Cheap shot.

I don't take personal offence to being laughed at, but what annoys me about self-appointed "skeptics" is the way that, despite their insistence that nothing is real unless it's been scientifically proved, they immediately resort to ridicule, and assume that all sane people share their view of the universe. What also annoys me is the way that they choose to focus their intellect on cynicism and criticism, instead of contributing to good will.

You know, at least you make music and beautiful pictures, but there are some people who spend all their spare time making themselves feel better by rubbishing everyone else.

Against my better judgement, I offer this little story for your consideration. When I was eight years old, alone in my bed, I saw an angel .. or a ghost .. I dont know which, or even if I was hallucinating in a way that I've never done before or since. My schoolboy pals .. except for one .. showered me with ridicule when I told them the story. But since that day , and on account of many other strange experiences since , I have never been able to dismiss the possibility that there is a spiritual dimension with spirits and angels. I am just careful to whom I talk about it.

Do so called new agers (of whom I am not one, believe it or not) really spend their lives forking out for weekend worskhops and contemplating their navels? Rudolph Steiner certainly thought there was a spirit dimension, and he did a lot to change the world, by creating Waldorf education for one things, designing beautiful buildings, and developing biodynamic agriculture .. as well as actively promoting peace and social justice.

It's great to give to charity, help little old ladies across the street, be kind to your neighbour, and so on ... but it makes it easier to give when you have a vision or conviction of the beauty and unity of the universe. Maybe you have that through your art .. but if other people want to have it through visions of angels, who are you to say that no good can come of it?

volle said...

Hey Mental, I apologised for being flippant.

When are you apologising for making threats?

'contributing to good will" indeed.

mental traveller said...

"You're so vicious,
You hit me with a flower,
you do it every hour ..."
OK, I'll call off the angel!

volle said...

How primordially slimy.

mental traveller said...

Hey Volle ... we are all in the slime .. we need the angels to pull us out of it from time to time. Sorry if I was aggro .,.. may I say in a non-threatening way: Shalom!