22 January 2007

Reading list

I decided to steal an idea from the ever brilliant Mika Mesq.

Joe Boyd - White Bicycles
Boyd was the stage manager when Dylan went electric, he started the UFO club, which more or less kickstarted UK psychedelia, he produced See Emily Play and Arnold Layne with Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, as well as three albums with Nick Drake, before he started producing soundtracks for movies like Deliverance and A Clockwork Orange. He also produced one of my favourite R.E.M albums: Fables of the Reconstruction. My only complaint is that it should have been twice as long.

John Fante - Ask the Dust
My pal Börge plus icon Charles Bukowski have been raving about this book for years. Finally I see what they were on about. Dense, authentic observations with no excess fat. Sad, on the verge of resignation, but still not giving up, simply because he doesn't really give a shit. Why did I wait ten years with this one?

Edward Muybridge - The Human Figure in Motion
If you are serious about working within visual arts this one is a must. Nuff said. Go read.

Davy Rothbart - Found II
A book compiled of random notes random people have found in random places. More fascinating than you would imagine.

Hunter S Thompson - Kingdom of Fear
Hunter's last book released while he was alive. He never recovered after the success of Fear and Loathing, which is a shame. There's a bunch of brilliant ideas and storylines lost in a mess of mannerisms and stylistic jumps. Maybe I have to read it again or maybe I just have to contend with that the man was losing it.

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