10 January 2007

Danish Seriejournalen review

Kristian at Serienett.no tipped me off about this one. It's the danish comix culture magazine Seriejournalen which dedicates some space to four Jippi publications.
Here's a quote on what they had to say about my book:

It's absurd, insanely creative and deeply political, both extremely banal and extremely intelligent, plus it's superbly beautifully made. I have to eat my words that you can't preach and be funny at the same time, because Volle actually does that.

If your danish is up for it, go here to check out the whole thing.

I thank our scandinavian brethren for the support granted this blushing comic artist. And really, the situation ain't that bad in Denmark, you got Jan Solheim, for starters.

And thanks to Kristian for the tip-off.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Good for me to read some Danish too :-).