12 January 2007

How to become a criminal in one easy step / The joys of life without a credit card / ITbutiken

Once upon a time I bought a LCD screen from a danish store called ITbutikken.
I received the package and thought the bill would show up asap. They had all my contacts (email /snail) , so who was I to worry? They would send me a bill, I would pay it and it would be out of the way.

Stupid stupid stupid.

The bill never showed up.

I got a torpedo letter this monday morning from Aktiv Kapital.

I just paid a nice amount to get this affair out of the way. I have understood that a certain bunch of companies rely on this kind of business practice. I really just want to warn you, stay away from places like ITbutikken a/s. I never met more mafia standards than this.

Yeah, I could take this through the courts and I would most propably win.

Do I have the time, resources or cash to find a good lawyer and do just that?

No, no and no.

I have gotten myself a credit card in order to avoid this thing for ever ever happening again. Thanks ITbutikken.

Now, just consider if I wouldn't have the cash available to pay these bastards off? I would be a slave to their terms until GWB would become a member of MENSA.

Being in the business of fucking people over is a lucrative one.

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