30 January 2007

The clammy touch of the establishment feels rather nice, thank you.

I was just contacted by the Norwegian National Library. They want to buy a page of mine for their collection. I can just imagine the mystified researchers hundred years from now on:

Here's stuff from 2007, what in god's name were they thinking?

Anyhow, I am extremely honoured, grateful, glad and a bit mystified.

In other news, Hufvudsstadsbladet will start running 'I Fremtiden', starting from next month. That is the biggest newspaper for swedish speaking people within Finland.
Pakkoruotsi on jees!


Anonymous said...

Hey, cool! You should weave some Davinciesque code into it just to mess with the future.


Mesq said...

Congratulations! So you are on the verge of immortality, then. Yet I wonder, what does "a page of mine" actually mean?

volle said...

Mesq: I'm on the verge of having a page of mine embedded in concrete and sunk down to an underground chamber where nobody will find it until the cockroaches evolve thumbs and finally take over. ;)

/k: I already did, it has now embedded within the artwork a delicious recipe for lasagna.

This is the page, btw.

Roy Søbstad said...

Ikke dårlig! Gratulerer.

mesq said...

Så, i närmaste framtiden kan jag läsa dina gömda recept i e-HBL med min pakkoruotsi?

volle said...

Mesq: Men javisst, det är jättekiva! Jag kommer också att sätta dit manualer för IKEA-soffor, Kama Sutra och Mein Kampf.

Stay tuned!