21 November 2006


I was forced again to use my old Sampo account due to a payment cock-up.

Man, I remember why I stopped using it. Years of horrifically rude treatment from barely coherent bank clerks spring to mind. Smelly, cramped premises, no airconditioning in july, fifty people waiting and two people in the stalls. At least eight empty stalls. 30 minutes minimum to wait to be able to deposit money. The Itäkeskus office looking exactly like Hakaniemi welfare office.Quotes from CEO's saying "We don't really need those small potato savings accounts" One of the most expensive bank accounts to have. Paying SAMPO 5 € a month for the privilege of having a bank account. If I want a monthly printout, I would have to pay 14€. But, for a 20€ fee, I can get a Viivi & Wagner motive on my bank card.

All this springs to mind, when the money I transferred to another bank account, needs 48 hours to get there.

So, here's a big FUCK YOU to you greedy fucks at Sampo. That account is history by tomorrow.

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