24 November 2006

2nd review

Something like this: Volle is out of ideas, the format is stiff, uncreative repetetive, boring and politically correct.

If you read norwegian, you can catch it here.

That guy might have not been the right choice for a reviewer. A bit like asking a metalfan to review polka. Fakta's not for him, which is perfectly fine. Only problem is that this dude broadcasts it to a bunch of people.

Which is bad news for a really fine book out on an indie publisher with nada cash for advertising or promo.

Schtill, compare the two reviews this far. Fakta has always been a polarizing work, but this is hilarious.

I have a vague inkling that whenever this dude sees an amazing stunt in a movie, he immediately turns to his friend and shouts "You can't do that in real life! This movie sucks!"

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Håvard said...

Don't worry. Studvest is only a student newspaper, and the people who work there are mostly pompous morons. I know, is was actually the cartoonist for the papaer a few years back.