22 November 2006


What's up?

The Faktabook is out, in 152 pages of hardcover, UV-laquered, fullcolor factoid fun, with guest appearances by the creme de la creme of norwegian comix.

This book will be the staple upon which my generation shall be judged, in fact, not possessing this book will make you look rather stupid in distinguished company.

Man, it doesn't cost more than a CD either.

If you haven't gotten the book yet, you can get it here.

What else then?

Newest ish of Tusj is out. I contributed a fourpager which I told you about here earlier. The first installment in the many adventures of the great detective Roger Hitler.

In the magazine, Tor Ærlig still rules the crop, though artworkwise, the hamster is my favourite in this issue.I can't help it, I'm a sucker for for social-realist-propaganda pastiches.Check out more here. The Norwegian comix scene is growing at breakneck speed and following it is getting more entertaining by the second.

Balder Magazine is out, with Fakta as usual decorating the last page, but this time I got something inside the magazine too. Apart from a pretty entertaining interview, where I'm giving the lowdown on the new Fakta book, I have started a column. It's called Sivile Serier (Civilian Comics) and focuses on the graphical narrative for the emotionally mature reader. First article focuses on Alan Moore's newest opus: Lost Girls.

Anyway, here's the real news.

From new year on, I have a new strip comic premiering in Aftenposten. It's the one I showed a teaser from a coupla months ago. The comic is called I fremtiden (in the future) and it will run in Aftenposten for at least three months, as the guest strip. If it continues, is completely dependent on the readership SMS-voting it on. The premise for the strip is rather simple: I have stopped lying and finally started my work as a prophet. This one will start in Larson around february.

Also, observant readers have noticed that Rocky will change publishers from the new year. Fakta has been published regularily in Rocky the last two years. Fakta will not be homeless, though. It will make the leap to the brand-new M-magazine. Now this will be good, great even!

As an encore, the Bellona 20 year anthology is out, with me contributing a fourpager, where three blackmetal kids meet a representative of Exxon! The good folks at Serienett.no even called my entry 'angrier than Kverneland'. In my book, that's a great compliment.

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