04 November 2006

Oslo, sweet Oschlo...

Finally had some time to write.
I touched down monday afternoon. My bro met me at the airport and we got off into town. My dad was at the railway station and we took off to eat in a Ethiopian place. Hot tip: if Ethiopians are eating there, it's a good sign. The food was excellent. We parted ways full of african goodness.

Me n my bro found the gallery and the excellent Lars Paalgaard took my paintings in for safekeeping. My old friend from Kokkola/Oslo Art Academy Ivan "parliament bomber" Johansson was hanging out, great to see him again.

Tuesday, eight sharp at the gallery, armed with an industrial size container of coffee. I expected four hours of measuring, calculating, drilling and messing it up. Mr. Paalgaard saw to it that I was proven wrong. I turned my back to make even more coffee. When I turned back, Lars had put up the paintings. I owe you a drink, buddy.

Only mishap was him falling off a ladder. Thank heavens the ladder broke and the man didn't.

I finished a flash animation as a companion piece to the paintings and left for a nap.

The opening was wonderful. As a happy coincidence, Sound of Mu had double booked. By the time the vernissage was tapering off, an experimental duo started their set: Fascinating stuff. I have never caught myself wondering how a vibrator on top of a drum, with a steel cup with a pingpongball inside of it sounds like. But if I had, I would become a wiser and happier person. Not saying I'm currently stupid and unhappy, mind you.

The splendid mr Nærum blessed us with his presence, as did my dear editor Vindenes, fellow comic artists Johansen, Hartberg and Kjølberg. I do remember Jørgen, Odd and Henning gracing the surroundings too.

Personal highlight of the evening: The legendary Mr.Falk showed up with an advance copy of the book. After three months of work it was amazing to finally hold the thing and see it as a real object, not just an Indesign-file on my screen.

All in all, a great eve was had, I headed back to my brothers place and fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

Wednesday morning was spent at a publisher, dealing with an unpaid bill. I would like to thank the editor for being so smart, flexible and above all, a real mensch. You saved my hide there, toveri. It was arranged so that I could leave the place with cash in hand. Excellent!

Coming back from one meeting, I got to see how ordinary life at a large publishing house usually is. The whole staff was hanging out, drinking champagne and chilling. Man...

Then off to Håvard Johansen in his studio. Even bumped into the ever-brilliant Øystein Runde. Me and Håvard went off for Grafill discussions and he made a splendid filéed chicken. The evenings piece dé resistance was catching This Sect at club Maiden club. These guys are getting better batter bitter butter. I have a feeling next fridays concert will be a nice one.

Thursday started off with a meeting at Grafill. Me n Håvard showed up with molotovcocktails, bricks and torches in hand. After a coupla hours we went out quite optimistic about the future. We celebrated with some vietnamese food. Again, if vietnamese people are eating there...

After a coffee with my thirteen-years-and-counting-partner-in-crime Freddy Holm, I got back to my bro's place and fell asleep around 22, like a little old granny.

Friday kicked off with me at a hotel six in the morning. I was trying to get the keys to the Grafill apartment. The clerk couldn't find them and he had already searched through three boxes and made two phonecalls. I was mentally preparing to nurse a coffee and reading the papers until nine, when Grafill offices opened. No fun if you have a deadline.
Then a short guy with designer glasses jumped in, smacked some keys on the desk, yelled 'Grafill!' and leapt out again. Apparently the tenant before me. Problem solved.

I got to the pad, unpacked my gear and started drawing. Deadline killed.

Then Mr. Ærlig popped by. We are planning some very very nice things once all the dust has settled around the Faktabook. Great things even.

Tor left and I was out of commission for the rest of the eve. The first bit of privacy and solitude in over a week. Brilliant! Junkfood and teevee rules!

Now I'm off to Tranby. Be back on sunday. Cheers!

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