21 May 2006

What's Happening?

Been a busy bee lately. Spent the last two weeks editing the Nazca | Lume -performance.

Weird, memories of the gig weren't that good. Our gigs are usually pretty spontaneous affairs, so we felt a bit out of place there. I remember thinking it felt like a theatre performance more than a concert, since we'd spent the preceding two-three months planning the concert. Everything was pretty tightly plotted.

Looking at the footage, I realise how wrong I was. It's great, one of our best at that point. I'm deliriously happy it was documented properly this time.

If everything goes well ( it rarely does, but anyway) we'll have a dvd out shortly.
If you would like to check out parts from it, go here.

Otherwise, we've been recording a bunch of music lately. Just some more glockenspiel to record and we're done with a bunch of songs. And they all sound fantastic.

If I may say so.

I think I may.

Apart from that, comix, book design and illustrations are filling my waking hours. Together with biking of course.

1 comment:

Mesq said...

I'm glad you finally got your peace :)
Sharp editing, Karstein. Kudos!

Oh my... a lot has changed since March 2004.