05 May 2006

Ah, Hollywood.

I saw the movie Sin City yesterday.

Virginville, more like it.
Everything in that movie reeks of repressed sexuality (whatever that reeks of).

It's a porn movie with killing instead of fucking. They colored most of the blood white, so it looks like an ejaculation whenever anyone gets shot.

First of all, I don't mind porno, but this metaphoric nudge-nudge-wink-wink-stuff was more grating than porno dialogue.

The heroes are all tough all-killing-no-fucking guys. One is too ugly to get laid (starts killing people after he once gets laid), the other prefers killing to sex (he refuses sex to preserve his honor) and the third is somewhat portrayed a bit like a nancyboy because he is weak for the ladies. Not to mention the guy who gets castrated twice.

Usual puritan fare. Sex equals death. The only time anyone got laid in that movie, the girl died almost instantly afterwards. Everyone knows people getting laid will die instantly afterwards, just like in Friday 13th.

Yeah, I know, it's, ehum, a postmodern deconstruction of the noir genre. An exposition, if you will. The smartest way ever to be stupid. He's really just spoofing the thing, he makes it look so cheesy, you realise how stupid the whole noir genre is. My, what a genius.

I was hoping that was the case until I checked out the 'making of'-part of the DVD. Mr. Miller comes across as a 50 year old pent-up virgin with absolutely no distance whatsoever to his creation. Which made me feel a bit queasy.

Not to mention the usual careerist cocksuck-fest that makes up 75% of these little marketing vehicles. "It was SO great working on this movie, Rodriguez is a genius, I've been a Miller fan since whenever. I love everyone who worked on this movie"

It fits these times. Murder as orgasm. This really sinister fundamentalist mindset. Every fundie religion wants to repress peoples sexuality. Then you get a bunch of really tense people ready to kill.

I don't mind a good violent movie. But this puritan "my penis makes me a bad boy"-bullshit is grating in the extreme.

In other news: I received an email today that it was "My last chance to supercharge my sexual performance". Better hurry up answering that one.

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