29 May 2006

Choir n other stuff
Big thanks to everyone who took the time saturday eve to be in our very improvised choir. It was great to see so many nice people and good singers in the same room. Funniest part was when I asked everyone in the room to scream. The result of that sudden blast of sound was that the Tascam crashed.
Apart from that, beer, cookies n homemade stuff (courtesy of Ninni) was consumed and a great time was had by all.

Anyhow, what's up?
Been putting the last touches on a series of illustrations for a finland-swedish schoolbook coming out this autumn from Söderströms. You can see one of them at the top of this post. Click the pic.

The Norwegian Arts Council has been generous enough to support both the projects we proposed to them. Hats off to them, I am extremely grateful.

What projects? Well, a new compilation of Fakta fra Verden (Facts from the World), plus the project I showed the teaser from. It's still a bit hush-hush, but it just went forward a giant step. And it will be great.

Apart from that, I would like to thank Turkoosi club in Helsinki for shutting their doors without telling anyone about it. They have been just as helpful with information about when or if they will open again. The fantastic results of their splendid efforts are around ten bands losing booked n promoted gigs and promoters losing advertised clubnights without ever being notified. Kudos Turkoosi!

Big shout-out also goes out to DHL which managed to smash the used Powerbook I bought, altho I paid them almost 90 € for insured shipping. Extra kudos goes out to them being impossible to reach, arranging for meetings and never showing up (twice!) plus their hard work at keeping me informed about the ongoing process. Thanks DHL!

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