29 September 2008

A bunch o stuff

So many things I woukd like to write about, but so little time.
In short:
Both Nosturi and Tampere were fantastic. It was a huge kick to play live again, to meet friends, old and new. Getting to know the blokes in New Model Army and finding some very decent, smart and funny guys was a fantastic bonus. Also kudos to Klubi for having a sauna backstage. It´s the first time in my life I had a sauna after a gig and I can recommend that to everyone.

My daily strip In the Future is on a hiatus from today on. I will continue to publish all 225 strips on the In the future-blog. It´s been fantastic working on it and a privilege to have it printed in so many outstanding publications. For the record: Hiatus does not mean the end, ok?

FST5´s Boktid is just starting and I am up to my neck in deadlines all over the place. I will have a workshop at Metropolia in two weeks. I will again appear at the Helsinki Book fair and Nazca are playing two dates this month, that is friday 17th at Dubrovnik and saturday 18th at Liberté. We will showcase new material.

Apart from that, keen viewers in Norway could see In the Future strips on NRK´s Bokprogrammet and keen listeners could hear my music at Söderströms Love and Anarchy presentation last week.

Out is nearing completion also.

Exciting times.

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