19 December 2006

A quiet suburban neighbourhood...

I had just woken saturday morning hung over after the Nazca christmas party the night before.
I was having my morning coffee when I heard a loud metallic BAM coming from what I thought was the yard. I assumed a car had backed into another car at the parking lot. It was only when I heard the sirens that I really woke up.
I went to the guest room and saw that the apartment across the road was smoking. The window had blown straight out. There was a thin stream of soot coming from it.

There were two firetrucks and a policecar. More were coming. The apartment started burning more intensely. One man was taken out on a gurney.

It was most probably a gas explosion. The tenant, a middle aged man, died of burns at the hospital.

What scares me now is how nobody seems to have done anything to remember that person. No flowers or candles outside. We are all strangers in this neighbourhood.

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