14 December 2006

Noxagt and the Zone

Just a little note saying that Noxagt might be the best working music ever. Just put on 'Turning it down since 2001' and blammo, you are in the zone.

'The Zone' is well, the place I want to be. It's the place when I can work and create without being selfconscious or overtly selfcritical. I think authors call it 'flow', musicians call it 'the zone'. What do painters call it?

The opposite place is, well, hell. When NOTHING is good enough. You write one word or draw one line and decide it's complete shite. You realize you are completely talentless, the last seven years of work has just been some incredible stroke of luck and people are finally onto you and will call your bluff.

Anyway, NOXAGT is the shit. Buy 'Turning it down since 2001' for xmas to all your friends and yourself.

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