07 June 2009

Spam spam spam

Back in the early ages of the internet, you would sometimes receive emails like "YOU COULD ALREADY BE A WINNER" or "Amazing offer!".
Fair enough. Back then we spent our workhours hitting the "delete"-button a lot.

Then someone invented the spamfilter.

Things got easier, we didn´t have to hit the "delete"-button so often.

Then things got weird.

Since the spamfilters were removing the usual buzzwords, the spammers had to become innovative
Nowadays the spammers are trying to sell me stuff through the medium of poetry!
Just check out my spamfolder from the last couple of days:

From: angewed
Subject: They sailed to the Western Sea, they did

From: tut10983
Subject : Wash away, wash away‎
Body: How charmingly sweet you sing Where the early pumpkins blow pmg http://ushatechindia.com/rmhz …

From: me
Subject: Clowns raped cops

From: me
Subject: Bum kicked Condolesa‎

From: gummert.bdba.bvbc
Subject: Maybe you’ll be forgiven or maybe not‎
Body: Said the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo tell the moon above me rqmmz

From: me
Subject: At 10, white cap with duck‎

How am I supposed to get the desire for enlarging pills by reading Dada Modernist poetry?

On closer inspection, I find that they are sent from myself? When did i do this? Am I supposed to buy enlarging pharmaceuticals from myself? How? Why?

Who are these spammers? Are they insane? Are they even human?

What can we do about them?

Well, Elliot Burford makes art from them. An example to follow, surely.

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