20 April 2009

It´s out!

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who showed up to last friday´s three shows.

The embassy show went really nice, thanks to beautiful surroundings, quality wine courtesy of the Embassy, plus a lab coat and a pipe. I will put up pictures later, great rejoicing was made.
Then the Pitkämies acoustic gig, thanks to Tommi and Jelle for providing the PA and the premises. There were loud discussions amongst the band what gig was the best.

In the end, Nousu provided us with the real party, with loud music, proper drinking and good vibes. Great rejoicing was made, at least the part I remember.

Seeing Helsingin Sanomat´s interview and review cheered up my hangover the next day.

And now, the book is out! Run to your local dealer! Get it before it gets you! Believe me, I am happy as a pup about this one.

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