23 December 2008

His Holiness Hates Homos

There is no irony here: Celibate religious leader makes damning comments on sexuality and biology.

In this case, Ratzinger equals rainforest depletion and homosexuality.

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Les mer


Scared said...

I realy am scared as to what it means when leaders who represtens more than a sixth of the worlds population can get away with saying that homosexuality is bad, and it has to be dealt with. World's going to hell.

volle said...

I find it hilarious that a celibate man has so resolute ideas about sexuality.

Kinda reminds me of my eighth grade friends, all virgins with resolute ideas on what girls liked to do in bed.

I can imagine Ratzinger in eight grade: Girls hate contraceptives, masturbation and abortion and we all hate those pansy-ass homos!

60 years pass by for the rest of us, but not for him.

Let´s not even talk about him trying to justify bigotry with biology.

Biology? He´s a religious leader, fer chrissakes.

Thing is, I don´t really give a shit about homosexual practice, it´s a part of private life. It´s a non-issue at work, in my free time etc. What gets me is the idea that any random geek in a weird hat can come up and tell me who I can or cannot fuck.

It gets even worse when you think that this random geek is representing one sixth of the worlds
population, as you said.

Get out of my bed, you weirdo!

Signed Volle, living in unmarried sin with his girlfriend for over ten years now...

P.S. First they came for the homos, I didn´t care, because I wasn´t a homo, then they came for the heathens living unmarried in sin.
My sexual life is more condemned in the bible than homosexuality. This all´s got nothing to do with religion and all to do with the integrity of us free citizens of the free world. Civil rights? You betcha!