24 March 2008

More impressions while figuring out how five to ten in the eve can be five to five in the morning

I promise myself to read at least 100 pages of the Iggy Pop bio before checking where we are again. I'm still amazed that we are flying over Afghanistan. 10 000 m below me my fellow expats are fighting for peace, prosperity, happiness and cute kittens. I love cute kittens.

I learn some Malay phrases, using the entertainment thingy. The number 4 in malay is "empat", which sounds scifi. Salt is Garam, like the finnish tv-cook. Sami Salt?

I give up trying to sleep, only to doze off watching No Country for Old Men. I get strange dreams mixed in with the movie. Did they all fly in that part really?
Local time in Kuala Lumpur is 0400. They wake everybody to give us orange juice.

2200 (KL 0500)
The stewards all have green blazers and bowties, which makes them look a bit like they play in a dance band. When one of them smilingly asks me about my stay in Malaysia, i realise I know nothing about Malaysia whatsoever. He reels off a huge list of places to which I smile benignily and try to change the subject.

2350 (KL0650)
The doors open and I enter Kuala Lumpur airport. The australian chick behind me remarks that this place feels like entering the tropical birdcage at the zoo.

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