29 August 2007

Happy birthday to me

Yup, turning the wise old age of 33 today. Nice number and it means I'm not dead yet. Which is a good thing.

It's been sparse posting here lately. I've been running around fixing things and now things seem to come together in a very nice way.

First things first:
Facts from the world collection 3 is out on Schibsted in September

Second things first:
In September we will have an exhibition at Serieteket in Oslo to celebrate five years of Facts from the World

Third things first:
Nazca will tour Norway around the release of the book.

Here's the schedule:
Saturday 22nd of September
Exhibition at Serieteket opens. Presentation with Erik Falk.

Wednesday 26th of September
Charlies bar, Kristiansand. Nazca plays with instruments and your emotions.

Thursday 27th of September
Mir, Oslo. Nazca plays it's collective heart out to anyone present. Warmup: Near Mint First Editions

Friday 28th of September
Releaseparty of Facts from the World book. Inside, Bergen. Nazca plays, sings, sees right through you.

Saturday 29th of September
Presentation of the book at Raptus comics festival